Future Brothers

  • Alpha Gamma Rho is a Professional/Social Fraternity that does not believe in harming the physical or mental well-being of our members and new recruits; thus there is absolutely no hazing during recruitment or during your lifelong membership in our fraternity. We are simply creating better men for agriculture and related industries. Also, there is absolutely no alcohol allowed during recruitment!


    Year Round Recruiting!

    Two primary initiation periods (fall and spring semesters)



    • Trap shooting
    • Steak Dinner
    • Spaghetti Feed
    • House Tours
    • Greek Life Informational Meeting
    • AGR Informational Meeting
    • Personal Interviews
    • Outdoor games (Cornhole, Football, Basketball, Ladder Golf)
    • Winter and Spring Recruiting with Sigma Alpha, our Agricultural Sister
    • Bring your parents to the AGR House; meet our Members, Advisors and Housemother
    • Potential activities selected by chapter: private dinners, golf, ice fishing, etc.


    Absolutely get to know the current brothers. Alpha Gamma Rho will help you as an individual continue to grow by promoting a quality learning environment, social networking with industry professionals and alumni, and providing you a wonderful college home! After you have been interviewed by a committee of the brothers, the chapter will confirm your decision with our membership that you want to become a brother. We will discuss your interview and application to see if you have the individual qualities to meet the standards of Alpha Gamma Rho. For any questions or concerns, please contact the Vice Noble Ruler of Recruitment, listed to the right.


    Thank you for your interest in our Fraternity!


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      Vice Noble Ruler of Recruitment

      Zach Olson





    • Learn more about AGR from the National Website! Click the image.