• Most recent Chapter Awards received:



    2010 Sleeter Bull Award (most improved chapter)


    Honorable Mention Crescent Addition


    2009 IFC Chapter of the Year

    2009 UWRF Chapter of Excellence



    Most recent Member Awards received:

    CAFES Scholarship Recipients Totaling $7,000+

    Peter Van Dyk

    Nathan Kringle

    Mark Schaffner

    Kaleb Santy

    Josh Gunderson

    Nathan Brandt

    Andy Ascher

    Eric Paulson

    Ross Kruger

    Walter Taylor



    Other Awards



        Top UWRF Fraternity GPA: 2.89                                                  January 26, 2009

        Jared Stillman Wins UWRF Greek God                                      April 23, 2009

        Derek Husmoen received the CAFES Outstanding

                Senior Award from the CAFES Dean's Office                 April 23, 2009

        10 Brothers are awarded CAFES Scholarships                      April 23, 2009

             -Totaling over $7,000

        UWRF IFC Chapter of the Year                                                    April 27, 2009

        UWRF Chapter of Excellence Award                                         April 27, 2009

        Friend of Alpha Tau Alpha                                                             May 6, 2009